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Clergy Community Advisory Board

What is a CAB?


A Clergy Community Advisory Board (CAB) is a network of pastors and individuals in church leadership that meet monthly to discuss needs related to children and families in crisis in their communities.  The focus is on raising awareness and creatively and strategically addressing child welfare & community needs. When communities don’t have high proportions of children and families in crisis, clergy are encouraged to join CABs in communities that do.


Currently there are CABs in Grand Prairie, Brownwood and San Antonio, Texas, and in Hawaii. We are currently working toward establishing collaborative work in South Dallas and Ellis county. 

CAB Responsibilities

1. Review the data relating to children in care in the targeted community.
2. Host DFPS personnel at meetings to better understand the needs, desired outcomes, and hindrances facing families in need in the specific community.
3. Engage new church leaders through forums, written materials, and events to raise awareness and help them to develop plans of action.
4. Participate in and work together to promote and observe Stand Sunday.
5. Serve alongside each other and pray with each other.
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The Gospel in Action

One Child. 
One Community. 
One Church at a Time. 

Interested in learning more about Clergy-Community Advisory Boards are starting one in your area?
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