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Mom and Son

Social & Emotional Care 

Achieving long term wellness through lasting relationships and connection to the local church. 

In collaboration with Chosen Behavioral Concepts, a licensed mental health rehabilitative agency, we provide in-home (and at school, when applicable) social, emotional, and behavioral support for children with mental health disorders and their families. Services include psychoeducation skills training and intensive case management. All services are person-centered, family-focused, and provided within the family's own community and connected with a local church.  

One-On-One Tutoring

Psychoeducation Skills Training

Using state approved, evidenced based curriculum along with personal experience-driven creativity, Qualified Mental Health Professionals and Community Support Specialists reinforce positive behaviors and teach children and families how to reduce maladaptive, self defeating responses caused by mental/emotional illness and trauma. We teach:

  • Social and interpersonal competency

  • Appropriate peer relations

  • Anger management

  • Impulse control and self-regulation

  • Improved self-image

  • Appropriate self-expression

  • Problem-solving skills

  • Focus & redirection

  • Nurturing Parenting Skills

  • Essentials for Independent Living

Targeted Case Management

Library Tutor

Targeted Case Management is provided and encouraged for every family with children receiving psychoeducation skills training. Community support specialists providing case management help families obtain access to needed medical, social, educational, and other community based services through advocacy, referrals, and hands on assistance. Our staff and volunteers are committed to working with families to attain wellness and live healthy and joyful lives together. Advocacy and referrals may include:

  • Specialized Educational Services for children and caregivers 

  • Individualized job training connections

  • Government assistance applications (medicaid, SNAP benefits, etc.)

  • Legal referrals and advocacy



the local church

Harvest knows that programs come and go, but the Church remains. Therefore, every service we provide is WITH the local church. We develop relationships with churches who seek to self-lessly serve children and families in the communities in which they live. These churches may provide tangible goods, but their main resource is relational. We encourage families to take advantage of these relationships; however, families are not required or even obligated to believe the same or attend services at the connecting church.  

How To Get Started

We accept referrals from our network of school and child welfare professionals, as well as directly from parents. Services are covered at 100% by medicaid insurance plans including Superior Health Plan/AmeriGroup/Community Health Choice, and United Healthcare. Please submit one of the referral forms below to have someone from Harvest contact you or the family you are referring. 

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