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Church to Child - C2C

The HFLM C2C model focuses on engaging, equipping and empowering local churches to answer the call to care for vulnerable children and their families whether it is under the guidance of orphan prevention, intervention (foster & adoption), or transition (to healthy, independent adulthood).

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Everyone in the comunity has a role to play

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Employing the C2C model gives the local church opportunities to serve children from prevention to permanency. It equips the church to be culturally responsive and community-centered to support at-risk children and their families.



C2C Community Partners are located within the child or family’s community. They are people, not program driven and are dedicated to caring for families so children can live and grow up in safe, stable, permanent family environments.

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C2C Champions are individuals and businesses within strategic spheres of influence who champion the cause for vulnerable children and their families. They use their influence to develop greater community buy-in, funding, policy change, and more.

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