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Serving Children & Families in Grand Prairie, Brownwood, and Waxahachie, Texas!

Shop with a Cop

Shop with a Cop brings the local church, community, and law enforcement, together to serve children and families referred by partnering child-welfare agencies.

"You know what today is's about our Lord and Savior Jesus, and it's about you..."

How To Get Involved

Commit to Pray for the children who and families who will be served. If you would like to receive the name and age of a participating child to pray for specifically, let us know here.

Every family is paired with a volunteer from a local church along with a police officer so lasting relationships can be initiated and built after the event. Volunteers are also needed for event administration, food preparation and general service. Register to serve here

Children ages 4 and younger are given $50 for shopping while children ages 5 and older are given $100. These generous gifts are given by caring individuals like you and sponsoring businesses. To give online, click here.

To inquire about becoming a referring agency, please contact us at

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