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Grocery Love

Mark your calendar for our next grocery day in your neighborhood!

HFLM currently coordinates food distributions for low income families or those facing hardship in partnership with four churches serving three counties. The groceries and other donated items are provided on a first-come, first-served basis to families in need. Food is distributed monthly, and when other food resources become available via our community providers, we make arrangements with partners for quick distribution. When food is distributed, relationships are developed, and volunteers are encouraged to share the Gospel and offer prayer support. 

We are currently supporting Grocery Love in partnership with Catholic Charities Mobile Pantry in Waxahachie, Italy, Grand Prairie, and Glenn Heights.

1st Thursday of the Month

Trinity Church - Waxhachie Campus

515 E Marvin Ave, Waxahachie, TX 75165



2nd Tuesday of the Month

Mt. Gilead Baptist Church

106 Harris St, Italy, TX 76651


2nd Thursday of the Month

Strong Tower Temple Ministries/Evening AME Chapel

705 Sw 19th St., Grand Prairie, TX 75051


Fourth Wednesday of the Month

Freedom Church

1800 S. Hampton Rd., Glenn Heights, TX 75154


When you come for the first time, you will need to register with one of our volunteers from your car. Once you're registered, our team will load your car with fresh fruit, veggies, pantry staples, milk, and meat. 

Interested in Volunteering for a Neighborhood Grocery Day? Click here!


Are you interested in Developing a Food Distribution Program at Your Church? Email

     Many children who live in low income families depend on free or subsidized school meals.  But what happens when the winter holidays arrive?  As poverty increases, so does the need for food. Families shouldn’t have to decide between paying bills and putting food on the tables for their children, and yet that is a heartbreaking decision they make every day. 

     According to the latest statistics released by the USDA, there are 3.9 million households in America in which both adults and children are food insecure. This means they have limited or inconsistent access to food which is both nutritious and safe.  Hunger during the holidays is real and serious issue.  Every family, no matter how poor, should be able to gather together for a decent holiday meal.  Families living on the razor’s edge of poverty experience the financial pressure of the cost of food and the cost of their rent when their children aren’t receiving free lunches from school over their break.  It is alarming just how many children depend on these free lunches as a primary source of nutrition and sustenance.

     There are school programs that provide children with meals over their summer vacation; however, there is no national program that provides meals over the winter holiday break.  This time of year puts additional stress on families. They have to figure out ways to find cared for their children while they are at work and also how to provide food for them during this time.

     Harvest Family Life, through our Church To Child initiative, is committed to establishing food  programs in partnership with local churches that will help meet the grocery needs of families during this time of year. The child remains at the core of this ministry because we know that a child who is hungry is more likely to develop frequent illnesses, behavioral problems, and even learning disabilities, all of which affects his/her performance in school.  Low performance means that he/she is less likely to graduate from high school which greatly reduces his/her access to a well-paying job, making it financially difficult to provide food and other necessities for their own children. If we reach the child, we can see a destiny changed!

Our Philosophy

Lead and seed to efficiency and independence.

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