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Pastoral Ambassadors

“We are therefore Christs’ ambassadors, as though God were making his appeal through us. We implore you on Christ’s behalf: Be reconciled to God 

2 Cor. 5:20


We do not believe “welfare” to be a program of the church. Instead, we believe it to be the Church, and it is experienced when the Gospel is applied through service.Therefore, our purpose here on earth is to be reconciled to the Father and take on the ministry or the message of reconciliation and become ambassadors carrying that life-changing news in word and deed. 


Being a Pastoral Ambassador means helping inspire others to have the same grace-laced love for the spiritually and physically orphaned as God has had for us. A Pastoral Ambassador is a pastor who will lead and seed their ministry knowledge of orphan care to their church and other churches in their area. There is no better person to represent the orphan than a pastor who sees the need and accepts the call from God to love “the least of these” well. Harvest Family Life raises Pastoral Ambassadors who will be purposed to end the orphan crisis in their communities, and partner with other churches where the need is great. 

Pastoral Ambassadors seek to engage a loving, lasting, legal lifelong family for every child by:

  1. They provide tools and training to local churches to pursue family preservation, reunification, kinship care, and adoption. 

  2. They create practical ways to equip every believer with the knowledge and ability to make a difference for vulnerable children locally and globally. 

  3. They equip church members with resources and tools for organizational and programmatic development for orphan care. 

        The Pastoral Ambassador is a key figure in the sustainability and growth of church-based child welfare. 


  1. Peer Influence - lead the local church in caring for orphans then engaging other faith leaders to seed it in their congregations. 

  2. Orphan Theology - Share the biblical messages and testimonies of faith-based child welfare. 

  3. Community Engagement - Make presentations and distribute literature at community events and denominational or inner-faith gatherings. 

  4. Develop Ambassadors - Engage in a CCAB (Read more information here - link to the page below)

  5. Ensure Diversity - Engage pastors from culturally diverse communities. 

  6. Social Economic Engagement - Develop engagement strategies for under-resourced churches and communities. 

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