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The HFLM food distribution partnership program focuses on establishing relationships with church ministries to become distribution points.  

Church Requirements

  1. Churches must be strategically located in low-income areas for serving the families that live near the distribution point. Often churches are near areas of poverty and yet are not aware of the needs. HFLM will work with the interested church to evaluate its immediate neighborhood and facilitate relationships with other strategically located churches if needed. 


   2. Senior pastors must have a passion to serve their community and either have evidence of multiple years of personal investment, longevity, and commitment to their community or co-serve alongside someone who does.   


How HFLM Equips & Empowers the Church for the Ministry

  1. HFLM will make the initial purchase and deliver the food to the church. In addition, HFLM will model how to distribute the food, greet neighbors, forge relationships, and offer prayer support.

  2. HFLM will introduce the pastor or a lead person to the nearest providing Food Distribution center director. Once a relationship is established with the food distribution center, the church is comfortable picking up the food, and dependable transportation is secure. In addition, the church will be able to pick up the food without the assistance of HFLM.

  3. HFLM will purchase the food for the new partner three times, and after that, the church will be responsible for the purchase, pick up, delivery, and distribution of the food.



FAQs for Food Distribution:

Q: Who donates the food?

A: Most often, the food we distribute comes from the HIM center in Mansfield, Texas. Check for more information. 

Q: What if the church knows a family that needs food but lives too far from the church?

A:HFLM will work with the church to develop a list of referral resources for families who live too far from the church or need food assistance when the church is not distributing. 

Q: What about homebound individuals/families?

A: The Church is encouraged to recruit volunteers who are willing to make deliveries as needed. 

Q: Does HFLM encourage churches to use need-based applications for food distribution? What if families who don’t need the food take advantage of the program?

A: HFLM will empower each church to run its ministry autonomously with encouragements based on what we’ve found to be effective. None of our current distribution sites require applications, proof of residency, income, or other information. Often families in need also struggle to keep such paperwork. We have found all the participating families, regardless of the perceived depth of necessity, are blessed by the food. We desire to care for our communities well in the name of Christ and let God do the rest. 

Q: What types of foods are distributed?

A: A combination of perishable foods (such as milk, fruits, and bread) and non-perishable foods and goods are distributed. Perishable food must be distributed immediately due to a lack of refrigeration. Infant formula and diapers are also available at times. 

Have more questions or want to learn more about HFLM food distribution programs, contact Angela Blake at


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